About us

Biolethics was established by Rob ten Herkel and Ton Kléberg, both Dutch citizens. Over the course of 8 years, they collaborated with several scientists and universities to develop ESTAAN, a completely natural plant-based substitute for sulfite. The primary requirement for its use in wine was to ensure that all characteristics, including taste, remained unchanged. We achieved a 100% success rate in meeting that criterion.

Estaan, a versatile product

ESTAAN® is a revolutionary product developed by Biolethics Europe’s research and development team. It’s a unique blend of powdered tannins extracted from various high-quality plants, sourced from different regions. This innovative food preservative boasts the best vegetal essences, extracted using respectful techniques.

Initially used in wine, ESTAAN® also serves as an antioxidant for various food products such as silver onions, mustard, cosmetics, vegetables, dried fruits, meat substitutes, and potato chips. Developers consider it the future of food preservation, describing it as a groundbreaking advancement in the industry. The plant-based formulation involves a meticulous process of sequential multiphase separation and purification, ensuring the preservation of all active components.